Robust parametric modeling and direct editing to facilitate faster product design

Drive innovative product design ZW3D!

ZW3D is an affordable and at the same time multifunctional application that allows you to model, develop product design and monitor its release. For each stage of product development a set of special tools is provided.

Using ZW3D, you can create 3D model parts and assembly models, 2D drawings, reverse engineering, simulate motion, and create your own component databases that greatly simplify the modeling of complex objects. Simplicity of the workflow and intuitive interface help the user to get started quickly.

Simplicity of sketches implementation 

The design of most products starts with two-dimensional sketches, which show the geometric features of the models. To model the sketches, the whole set of tools is available: a lot of geometric shapes that will help to designer to save time, use several sketches or geometric figures to build, Sketch doctor, which helps to ensure the interrelation of sketches, to do analysis and get rid of limiting factors.

Flexible and effective 3D modeling

ZW3D differs from the traditional software of 3D CAD, offering users the unique design based on the modeling Solid&Surface Feature Hybrid technology (modeling of firm surfaces). Thanks to parametrical modeling and direct editing, the user can create more effective and productive design, make logical operations in the field of stereometry and geometry of a surface, and it means the design will be more flexible and multifaceted.

Assembly and design

Usability and extensive opportunities allow users to create complex and difficult design with ease, during the work with big models to use the descending and ascending design, to carry out an inspection of compatibility, to have the fast choice of tools, when processing results to find mistakes at an early stage of work. Using methods of animation, designers can show the main operations as could make it in real life.

Advanced assembly function to boost productivity

Convert of the three-dimensional models

A two-dimensional image can be turned into a three-dimensional model, just as a 3D image can be converted into a two-dimensional projection. The program automatically creates 2D associative models with projection, separation and detailing, you can sign dimensions and annotations, including ANSI, ISO, DIN, JIS, GB standards, automatically combined with tables materials, holes, electrodes, easily customizable table and character templates , two-dimensional images, hatch patterns.

Checking the interaction of moving parts

During development, project quality checks and useful tools help the designer to notice in time the error or gaps and fill them. You can visually examine the interrelation between components, highlighting the features of their separation. Checking of interaction is also performed in order to see the details in a complete assembly, the user is given information: volume, quantity, area of interacting sites. Drag tool (moving objects from place to place) helps the designer to make sure that all components occupy the space allocated to them.

Flexible Embossing, Morphing & Wrapping to create optimal design

Reverse engineering                

With the built-in return engineering designers can use indexes, STL, scan or report data to build 3D images, just like when preparing models for CNC machines, to fill in spaces, build surfaces and form nodes. The software can be connected to a 3D printer to create a more realistic model.

Flexible mold tools and extensive library to shorten your mold design cycle

Rapid creation of molds and dies

Design of single and multi-seat molds; convenient methods of connection – along the line of the connector or cavity of the core, the operational design of cooling, channels, holes for connections / connectors in the cores and cavities; pre-installed libraries of manufacturers DME, FCPK, FUTABA, HASCO, LKM; a large number of standard products, including bolts, guides, pushers, rings, etc.

Analysis of thickness deviations

When developing design of production it is very important to be based on the data from the design analysis and the thickness deviation analysis to ensure that the product structure meets the criteria and the range of functions performed. You can get information about the thickness, the deviation in the corners of any model in any projection. Deviation in the large and smaller side is marked by different colors. Analysis of the difference in thickness indicates the minimum and maximum value of the element.

Specialized industrial solution to elevate sheet metal design efficiency

Sheet metal design

The opportunity to prescribe different characteristics of sheet metal: edge, flange sections, holes, latches and so on. You can also collapse or unfold the projection, taking into account the geometry of solids or space, using the modeling technology Solid & Surface Hybrid in ZW3D.

Welded products

The design of welded products in the ZW3D is carried out both with the use of various design tools, including rolling patterns and profiles, and the designs lay down in the material specification. The user can easily perform the entire cycle from development to the drawing of the finished product both in the pre-installed and in the self-configured profile.

Seamless compatibility to interact with mainstream CAD suppliers

Compatibility with various formats

The program ZW3D ™ has great capabilities, high performance and processing speed, and is also compatible with other CAD / CAM applications.

  • ZW3D ™ easily recognizes data formats Solidworks®, Catia®, Autodesk Inventor®, Pro / Engeneer®, UniGraphics®, ACIS, reads and stores data in DWG / DXF, Parasolid, STEP, IGES formats:
  • ZW3D 2017 supports the file format Catia V5 / 6R2016, NX11, Creo3.0, SolidWorks 2017, SolidEdge ST9 and Inventor 2017.
  • Allows you to export the 3D model to the file format IGES, STEP, STL, Catia and others.

Simplicity of learning and using

The simplicity of the workflow and intuitive display allows the user to get started quickly. Whether you are an experienced engineer or a novice user, ZW3D can be mastered in a short period of time, but the efficiency of the workflow will significantly increase.

If you are interested in detailed information about ZW3D and your project requires calculation or detailed business offer, you can contact us by mail or call. We are looking forward for cooperation!

You can install a trial version of ZW3D (30-day trial version, all features are included).

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